Charity, brotherly love, harmony.

Mission & Activities

Our mission

Human rights and religious freedom

We monitor and fight against anti-Semitism and other human rights violations. Lodge B'nai B'rith Chernivtsi is committed to uniting efforts to combat anti-Semitism and works diligently to encourage various communities and societies to combat anti-Semitism at all levels by involving of the state and local officials, holding events in educational institutions, and speaking out in the mass media.

Through our inter-community relations capabilities, we play an active role in promoting religious tolerance and cooperation at the international level.

Our mission

Protection of the rights of the elderly and housing

One of the tasks of the Lodge is to provide affordable housing for the elderly in the region. This task is currently under development, but the Board does not lose sight of any possibility of providing rental housing for elderly people with limited income. Housing for the elderly should be open to all persons who are unable to provide for themselves, regardless of religion, gender, disability or national origin.

Therefore, B'nai B'rith's unparalleled experience in protecting the elderly and its focus on aging issues also enables us to serve as an authoritative voice on a variety of issues affecting the elderly, including social security and health insurance.

Our mission

Community support and disaster relief

B'nai B'rith Lodge raises funds to help victims of wars and disasters in whole local region. We continue to help both individuals in need and communities long after the emergency condition is over. B`nai B`rith volunteers are also actively involved in local communities, implementing a variety of projects, including the distribution of financial assistance and holiday food to elderly Jewish residents and those in need who would otherwise not have access to it, collecting and distributing food to shelters to feed the hungry, and providing the necessary equipment to ensure the livelihood of the wards in the face of military conflict in Ukraine.

Do you have any questions? Write to us:
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